Yapay is a Quechuan palindrome which means to gather, collect, join, add up. Our streaming platform is named Yapay because it represents a collection of films produced in the Andes with the highest artistic value. We host films that will expand your understanding of Peru, of the global challenges we face as Latin Americans.

The platform offers you cinema at your fingertips, taking away obstacles like movie theater infrastructure and physical DVD distributions, and bringing you critically-acclaimed films loved by festival goers but that might otherwise never come to a theater near you.

Yapay is an initiative of Asociación Guarango Cine y Video. Guarango is a production house founded in 1994 with the mission of enriching lives, of telling people inspiring stories that bring urgently important cases to their attention. Though we may live up to that mission through production, we realized that we needed a way to live up to it in terms of distribution, too. We needed a platform that could connect our films, and films like ours, with global audiences dedicated to the same issues as us. That’s where Yapay comes in.

We provide educational licenses to institutions, which can in turn provide access to our collection to their students or members.