The Devil Operation



Father Marco Arana is pursued for fighting against the biggest gold miner in South America and its mega projects, protecting settlers’ rights in the affected areas along the way.

Directed by: Stephanie Boyd
Runtime: 69 min.
Release Year: 2010
Studio: Guarango Cine y Video



Father Marco, a humble priest from the mountains of Peru, is being followed. A private security firm is filming and photographing the priest’s every move; their meticulous reports are code-named “The Devil Operation”. Marco’s allies are murdered and tortured, but he and his disciples refuse to be victims. They turn their cameras on the spies and develop a counter-espionage plan that leads to South America’s largest gold mine, owned by the Newmont Mining Corporation of Colorado. For the past two decades, Father Marco has defended farming communities against the Yanacocha mine’s abuses, earning him the nickname ‘The Devil’. Peru is one of the world’s top gold producers and the state has ceded power to transnational corporations who guard their territory like outlaws in the Wild West. Film-maker Stephanie Boyd has spent 10 years documenting the farmer’s struggle and became caught up in this real-life political thriller.


Director and Producer: Stephanie Boyd
Executive Producers: Ernesto and Ricardo Cabellos
Associate Producer and Editor: Fabricio Deza Iturri
Associate Producer and Art Director: Miguel Araoz Cartagena
Camera: Ernesto Cabellos Damián, Miguel Araoz, Nils Vernaudon, Miguel Piedra, Luis Urtecho, Javier Becerra, Rafael Cabellos, Ricardo Ayala, Alejandro Pereyra
Production Assistant: Julio César Castro, Amauta Oros, Marco Antonio Arango, Mario Flores, Juan Pablo Soto.
Sound Design and Musical Production: José Balado
Original Music: Omar Garaycochea

Technical Details

Original Title: Operación Diablo
Actors: Marco Arana
Director: Stephanie Boyd
Format: HDCAM, Beta SP (NTSC & PAL).
Language: Español, Inglés y Quechua
Subtitles: Inglés, Francés y español
Region: Region free (0)
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Number of discs: 1
Rated: Unrated
Studio: Guarango Cine y Video
Release Date: 2010
Run Time: 69 min.


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