Cooking Up Dreams



The documentalist Ernesto Cabellos explores the delicious world of Peruvian gastronomy as a way of identification and union for all Peruvians, inviting the whole world to discover it.

Directed by: Ernesto Cabellos
Runtime: 75 y 53 minutos
Release Year: 2009
Studio: Guarango Cine y Video



Peru is in the midst a gastronomic revolution. Its army: thousands of culinary students. Its leader: the Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio. Its weapons: centuries of ethnic fusion.

In his documentary “Cooking Up Dreams“, renowned Peruvian director Ernesto Cabellos, presents his country’s spectacular cuisine and asks himself: Can an entire nation be represented by its cuisine? This documentary journeys to the kitchens of Peru’s coast, highlands and jungle, as well as Peruvian expat communities in Paris, London, Amsterdam and New York for answers.

From the most humble family kitchens to the poshest restaurants, from stories of pioneering Peruvian chefs abroad to those who preserve ancient recipes at home, we find that Peru’s cuisine is deliciously integrating for its people, who have historically been divided by ethnic and economic differences. This documentary isn’t just about food. This documentary is about integration, challenges, culture, poverty and wealth. We’ll discover the origin of Peru’s ubiquitous national dish – cebiche – the anticuchos of beef hearts or the annual meal mourners share at the graves of their dead relatives.

Famed chefs such as Spain’s Ferran Adrià, as well as Peru’s Gastón Acurio share their views and experiences with Peru’s cuisine alongside the thousands of unsung chefs, who also dream of Peru’s cuisine as a motor of development.


Screenplay and Direction: Ernesto Cabellos
Executive Producers: Ernesto Cabellos, Ricardo Cabellos, Susana Araujo Martínez and Malú Viana Batista.
Editors: Antolín Prieto and Lessandro Sócrates
Sound Design: José Balado
Original Music: Martín Choy-Yin
Assistant Director: Malú Cabellos
Coordinating Producers: Verónica Pérez, Cecilia Araujo, Rafael Cabellos and Julio César Castro.
Sound Engineer and Mixer: Takuo Shima
Cinematography: Ernesto Cabellos
Post-Production: Wilmer Ruiz
Quechua Dubbing: Amiel Cayo and Vilma Sotomayor
English Translation: Leslie Josephs
French Translation: Sophie Fresneau
Web and Graphic Design: Rudi Quiroz

With the participation of: Gastón Acurio, Bernardo Roca Rey, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, Teresa Izquierdo and Eduardo Justo Caballero.

Technical Details

Original language: Spanish
Dubbing language: Quechua
Subtitles: English, French and Spanish
Original Video Format: HDV NTSC 16:9 / Color
Screening Format: HDV, HDCAM, DigiBeta, DVCAM, MiniDV, Blu-ray, DVD.
Sound: Stereo
Length: 75 and 53 minutes
Date of production: October 2009
Production Companies: Guarango Cine y Video / TAL – Televisão América Latina
Countries: Peru – Brazil


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