Tambogrande: Mangos, Murder, Mining



In the northern Peruvian city of Tambogrande, some villagers make the desert fertile through mango production. Later, they find out that the government has secretly granted mining concessions on their land to a multi-national corporation. The residents of Tambogrande organize The Defense Front to protect their town.

Directed by: Ernesto Cabellos y Stephanie Boyd
Runtime: 85 minutos
Release Year: 2006
Studio: Guarango Cine y Video



A new film by Ernesto Cabellos and Stephanie Boyd, the same producer-director duo responsible for the award-winning film Choropampa: The Price of Gold (Peru 2002). This feature-length documentary follows the struggle of a small village in the Andes for health care and justice after a mercury spill by the world’s largest gold corporation. The film has won 5 international awards and been broadcast on the Sundance Channel (USA), CBC Country (Canada), KBDI (Colorado, USA) and national television in Peru, Argentina and Venezuela.


Produced, directed and edited by: Ernesto Cabellos and Stephanie Boyd.

Narrated by: Stephanie Boyd

Cinematographer: Ernesto Cabellos Damián

Location sound: Stephanie Boyd

Sound Design: José Balado

Associate Editor and Post-Production Supervisor: José Balado

Original Music: Somos Tambogrande, José Balado, Martin Choy-Yin, Raúl Gómez

Technical Details

Original Title: Tambogrande, Mangos, Muerte, Minería

English Title: Tambogrande, Mangos, Murder, Mining

Original language: Spanish and English

Versions: English subtitles with English narration and Spanish version

Time: 85 minutes. TV versions of 52 and 44 minutes will be cut on request

Format: DVCAM and Beta SP (PAL and NTSC)


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